France after money in Iran nuclear talks


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Please note the following DUE DATES: Please create GDrive docs and share your assignment with me.

1) Thursday, November 14: Read chapters 1-3 and annotate chapter 2:  Ch.1-3 of the Model UN Handbook.

2) Thursday, November 14: Committee Selection

Please choose a committee and two of the questions you will be researching.  Also include at least 5 specific resources you will use to research your topic and question.

3) Thursday, December 5: Country Report Due


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‘US to focus on Iran’s pursuit of nukes’ – Obama to UN Assembly 201

US President Barack Obama criticized the UN Security Council for inaction on Syria, and called for a diplomatic solution to the standoff with Iran, in a General Assembly speech that robustly defended America’s “exceptional” role in the world.

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Obama and Rouhani at the UN: decoding the rhetoric

Diplomacy is often the art of deft circumlocution and constructive ambiguity. So how we do know when an entente is cordiale?

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Cheers and protests in Iran as Rouhani returns from United Nations

President says his first trip to US was a success, but critics greeting him in Tehran shout ‘death to America’

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Full UN Address (2013)

Published on Sep 24, 2013
President Hassan Rouhani of Iran’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly struck a far less defiant tone than the past UN addresses of his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Maziar Bahari Talks About His Detention in Evin Prison on CNN

Iranian-Canadian Journalist, Maziar Bahari, speaks to Fareed Zakaria of CNN on 11/22/2009 about his imprisonment in Iran’s Evin Prison After the Iranian 2009 Elections.

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